Lunacon 2009, March 20 - 22



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Guest of Honor

Writer Guest of Honor:
Dave Freer

Dave Freer is a writer, but having read all of his books you already knew that. When asked for advice by new writers on how they should start writing Dave says “Get a computer.” When pressed he’ll continue with “Get a computer, spell checkers don’t work very well on clay tablets and the postage on a manuscript like that can get out of hand.” Dave, who lives in a very rural area has also remarked favorably upon driving around Chicago with his friend and coauthor Eric Flint “It wasn’t nearly as bad as being shot at in the South African Army.” he says.

Affectionately known as “Monkey” Dave is a cunning linguist who is fluent in several languages, three of them Englishes and greatly enjoys watching Americans, Brits, and others divided by that common language try and make sense of his rough drafts. Rumor has it he chips in on the therapy for those of his first readers who catch the most typos.

When asked to be Guest of Honor for Lunacon he was of course thrilled and honored, after this not being bitten by the snakes under his wood pile will seem pretty mundane. Speaking of mundanes he was promised he could torture a few as GoH, please don’t tell him the ‘victims’ are really con staff ok?

When not madly typing away at the behest of his adoring fans, exasperating agent, beloved, magnificent and forgiving wife he can be found doing sedate things like rock climbing, skin diving for spiny lobsters, and punning at friends. This is of course when freed of his duties as Opener of Doors, Provider of Petting, and Deliverer of Food by the various animals who share their house with Dave, his wife and two sons.