Lunacon 2009, March 20 - 22



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    Pat Campbell
    Bast’s Baubles

    Models and Figurines, and Jewelry
    Ira & Rebecca Kaplowitz
    Another Grungy Hole in the Wall Bookstore

    Used and Collectable books, and Jewelry
    Janet Kofoed
    Janet Kofoed Jewelry

    Catherine A Madigan
    Hourglass Creations

    Jewelry and Costumes
    J R “Klon” Newell
    Klon’s Interplanetary Books

    Rare and Collectable SF/Fantasy/Horror
    Darrell Schweitzer
    Used & Collectable SF
    Magazines, and Tee-shirts
    Rebecca Taylor
    Painted Dragon Tattoo

    Games and Toys, Jewelry, Book Covers, and Dragons
    Willow Taylor

    Art & Illustrated books, Jewelry, and Other Books
    Patrick Thomas
    Patrick Thomas Books

    New SF/Fantasy, and Magazines
    Phyllis White
    Flying Coyote

    Jewelry, Books, and Carved Stone Critters
    Kevin Davis
    Davis Books

    New SF, Comics, Buttons, and Tee-shirts
    Solveig Pflueger
    The Lady and The Leopard

    Ed Meskys

    Larry Smith/Sally Kobbee
    Larry Smith Books

    New SF
    Daniel Adler
    Game Gnight

    Games, Toys, Dice, etc.
    Dina Flockhart
    Cloak & Dagger Creations

    Costumes, Supplies, and Accessories