Lunacon 2009, March 20 - 22



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Lunacon is hosted by the New York Science Fiction Society,
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Regency Ball

Friday night at 8 will be our annual English Regency dance, hosted by Lunacon's West Coast friend (and '01 Fan Guest of Honor) John Hertz. Learn and try ballroom dancing of 200 years ago, the age of Jane Austen and Beau Brummell. Period costume? Previous experience? Welcome but not required. If you really want to get ready, you can read up Georgette Heyer's Regency romances, or Patrick O'Brian's sea stories -- or Jane Austen, of course. We've scheduled this before the Steampunk Ball, so if you like you can do both.

Blood drive

Just confirmed!

Lunacon and The Heinlein Society, in cooperation with the New York Blood Center, present the first Lunacon Blood Drive. The Blood Drive will be on Saturday, in the hotel parking lot, from 11am - 4:30pm. Please check back for further details.

Steampunk Ball!

Dancing in the Gears!

Attention all aeronauts, aethernauts, lady and gentleman adventurers, mad scientists, inventors, and other Steampunks and neo-Victorians!

Join us at 10:00 PM Friday night in the Grand Ballroom for a time-traveling formal evening at the Steampunk Ball! Become part of the living clockwork of Victorian and Victorian-inspired set dances and spin madly with your partner to romantic waltzes and lively polkas.

No previous experience is needed; all dances will be taught by dance mistress Susan de Guardiola.

Music will be an eclectic mix of modern and nineteenth century. Steampunk, neo-Victorian, or Victorian costume encouraged and admired, but not required.

Airships and time machines should be parked outside the ballroom. No sabers, ray guns, or clanks permitted on the dance floor.


Here's your chance to dazzle or be dazzled by costumes of the past, the future and the never-was. Come to the Lunacon Masquerade... or be part of it. Let your imagination soar! Bring to life your favorite character from an SF/Fantasy novel or movie, or create an original character from the depths of your own mind. Amaze or amuse us, horrify or delight us. Put on a costume and give it a try!

The Lunacon 2009 Masquerade will be held on Saturday night. It will start with a division for young fans (12 & under). These costumes can be made by the children themselves or by adults (Praise to Mommy!). A panel of experts using a system based on skill levels will judge adult costumers. These divisions are Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman and Master level. Fan photographers are welcome.

Weapons will not be allowed in the Lunacon 2009 Masquerade. Please refer to the Convention's Weapons Policy.

We openly encourage hall costumes with the following provisos. Nudity is NOT a costume and if your costume is a bit revealing, we ask that you cover yourself in the public areas of the hotel which include the lobby, the restaurants and the bar. Panels on costuming and related topics will be included in the programming.

For further details on the Masquerade, or to volunteer to help contact us atMasquerade.