Lunacon 2009, March 20 - 22



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Guests of Honor

Writer Guest of Honor:
Dave Freer

Dave Freer is a writer, but having read all of his books you already knew that. When asked for advice by new writers on how they should start writing Dave says “Get a computer.” When pressed he’ll continue with “Get a computer, spell checkers don’t work very well on clay tablets and the postage on a manuscript like that can get out of hand.” Dave, who lives in a very rural area has also remarked favorably upon driving around Chicago with his friend and coauthor Eric Flint “It wasn’t nearly as bad as being shot at in the South African Army.” he says.


Artist Guest of Honor:
Larry Dixon

Special Guest:
Mercedes Lackey

Eric Flint

Eric Flint's writing career began with the novel Mother of Demons, which was selected by Science Fiction Chronicle as one of the best novels of 1997. With David Drake, he has collaborated on the six novels in the Belisarius series (An Oblique Approach, In the Heart of Darkness, Destiny's Shield, Fortune's Stroke, The Tide of Victory and The Dance of Time), as well as a novel entitled The Tyrant. His alternate history novel 1632 was published in 2000, followed by many sequels, several of which made the New York Times extended bestselling list.


Fan Guest of Honor:
Leigh Grossman
Erstwhile Lunacon Co-Programming Head

Leigh Grossman is a writer, college lecturer, editor, and occasional reviewer. He teaches in the English Department at the University of Connecticut and is the president of Swordsmith Productions, a book development and book production company that is currently developing online courseware for universities in the Philippines. Grossman is the author of thirteen published books from six different publishers, and has reviewed books for Absolute Magnitude, Horror magazine, and Wavelengths. Previously, he was the Pre-Press Production supervisor at Avon Books, an editor at Byron Preiss Visual Publications/Multimedia, and a college-level history and writing instructor. He lives in northeast Connecticut.